N. El Camino Real

San Mateo, Ca

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Urembo Asili is Swahili for Natural Beauty and was founded by Evie Dondi

Our slogan, 'Nature Perfected', this is the ideal standard we aspire to.

Urembo Asili was birthed out of our founder’s desperation to cure acute adult acne.

Urembo Asili is built upon extensive research of what the skin needs to be healthy & radiant, no matter what your age. We provide a range of natural skin care products that have been carefully curated in simplicity and elegance. We use naturally luxurious oils and butters that maintain, heal and restore balance to your skin all whilst pampering you. It is in this manner that we create a holistic & personal experience.

Along the path to healing, the "light bulb moment" happened when the founder redefined her standards of beauty and reaffirmed her worth. Hence, our belief is that ALL women should not only feel beautiful in their natural skin but also redefine what beauty means whilst rediscovering their own worth and feeling of empowerment which leads to personal acceptance.

Urembo Asili was created for YOU



We use natural oils and butters, no artificial fillers. Most ingredients are certified organic. All our products are free from parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, formaldehyde, hormon adjusters and mineral oil.

We do not test on animals.

We are enviromentally conscious in our production and as such, we have ensured that all our packaging is recylable.

Our butters and raw African blacksoap are organic & fair trade certified.