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N. El Camino Real,

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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Our Story

Urembo Asili is Swahili for Natural Beauty and was founded by Evie Dondi

Urembo Asili offers a 100% plant-based, handcrafted line of products that help women heal restore and maintain healthy clear skin with nutrient-dense products. Our products are made for savvy, bodacious, and urban-minded women seeking to enrich their skincare experience with the use of green & clean African ingredients steeped in African beauty rituals, that yield results for LIFETIME.

I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Access to quality skin products was limited and as a result, I have always struggled with acne since my early teens. Everything I tried worked for a while then stopped and I just could never figure out why. In 2001, my family and I took a great risk and immigrated to the United States in search of safety and a better life with more opportunities.

As a result of the change of environment, I was badly hit with painful adult acne that manifested into cystic acne. I proceeded to buy products off the shelves and found out that products worked and then stopped - just like it happened back home. After a few years, things got worse and I grew tiresome of this cycle of products because I had tried almost everything on the shelf. Then I realized that these skin care companies changed formulas without notice and I was infuriated; it meant I had no control over my healing process. 

I was convinced there had to be a better way - I literally asked: "what did my ancestors use?" African women, even the Bible, were described as having beautiful flawless skin, that glowed. What started as a question resulted in a deep dive into the world of natural skincare and I was amazed; I fell in love with my roots and I discovered the healing power of many African oils and butters; I worked these into my own formulations and healed my acne in 3 months!!! The use of oil cleansing and double cleansing while feeding my skin with nutrient dense oils helped heal and restore my skin & gave my self-confidence the much-needed boost it needed. I wanted to share my creations with the world.

It took 8 yrs of careful research and formulation to bring Urembo Asili products to market and today it is a full-fledged line of Afro-rich natural products, made with ethically sourced wholesome ingredients that are wildcrafted and personally chosen for their richness and efficacy in producing visible and lasting results.

As a formulator, I am continuously evolving and looking to nature & my roots as inspiration to continue crafting effective natural products that inspire women to take control of their skincare.  


We believe skin care should be simple and effective

We believe skin care products should be affordable 

We believe skin care ingredients should be sustainable

Above all, we believe that ALL women should feel beautiful in their bare skin